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Box is an online cloud storage and collaboration tool.

All current students, staff, and faculty are eligible for a University of Utah Box account. Simply log in with your uNID and CIS password to activate your account.

1 TB Secure Storage, 15 GB File Size Limit, Password Protected, Department Based Access, Multi-Device Access


Box is an online cloud storage and collaboration tool that provides users with the ability to easily store, access, and share files and folders anywhere on any device. 

IMPORTANT — Free, secure University of Utah Box accounts are only available only to current students, staff, and faculty members. Your UBox account will expire 30 days after you are no longer eligible. More information is available in the UIT Knowledge Base.

Box accounts are provisioned upon your first login. To access your Box account:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the "LOGIN" button near the top right side of the page
  3. Enter your uNID and CIS password on the login screen

Please review the university's Acceptable Use Policy/User Agreement (PDF) before you begin using Box.

With Box, you can:

  • Upload, edit and store files
  • Access files on any device at any time
  • Share links to grant read-only access with internal (i.e., users
  • Invite both internal and external users to Box folders as collaborators, and assign permission levels (viewer, editor, co-owner)
  • Post comments and assign tasks
  • Add additional email addresses

Additional features:

  • 1 TB storage
  • 15 GB file size limit 
  • Password-protected sharing
  • Security controls
  • Secure storage
  • Box mobile access
  • Version history
  • Group-based access
  • Third-party app integration

Storage of regulated information

The Information Security Office has approved the use of the university's installation for storage of HIPAA and FERPA data, in accordance with relevant privacy laws and subject to appropriate usage as outlined in the University's Box Acceptable Use Policy (PDF).

Get Started

User Guides and How to Documentation


Video Tutorials

The following videos from the Box User Video Tutorial Library are highly recommended:

  • 5 Skills to Get Started Fast (2m 43s)
  • Files and Uploading (2m 33s)
  • Creating and Using Files and Folders (3m 10s)
  • Inviting Collaborators into Box (2m 07s)
  • Choosing Notifications Settings (1m 41s)
  • Finding What You Need (1m 17s)
  • Box Edit Walkthrough (1m 40s)
  • Using Box Sync (2m 56s)
  • Box for iPad (3m 14s)
  • Box for iPhone (2m 26s)
  • 4 Ways to Use a Box Note (3m 48s)

Free Online Courses

Note: You will need to sign in to Box before accessing these courses.

The following free Box online courses are most highly recommended:

  • Box User Essentials
  • Box Basics 1: Sharing Made Easy (and Secure!)
  • Box Basics 2: Communicating and Editing in Box
  • Box Basics 3: Organizing Your Box Folders



*  Verify with the U's Information Security Office

Storage Public Sensitive  Restricted No Storage
Public Sensitive Data PII / Social Security HIPAA / Patient Data PHI PCI / Credit Card Data
Approved personal mapped network drive* yes yes yes yes no
Approved departmental mapped network drive* yes yes yes yes no
Encrypted flash drive yes yes yes yes no
UBox yes yes yes yes no
Dropbox yes no no no no
Apple iCloud yes no no no no
G Suite (Google Docs and Drive) yes no no no no

G Suite for Education, University of Utah (Google Docs and Drive)

yes no no no no
Microsoft OneDrive yes no no no no

Microsoft  O365, University of Utah One Drive

yes yes yes yes no
Adobe Creative Cloud yes no no no no



Last Updated: 8/20/19